DACs, DAOs, and Entrepreneurship on EOS with Ashe Oro

In this podcast we spoke to Ashe Oro, co-founder of Freedom Proxy and host of EOS.Radio

We discuss how EOSIO software is empowering entrepreneurs and creating entirely new business models. We discuss a number of topics, including: 

  • Ashe's background in the precious metals space

  • DAOs and DACs 

  • New EOSIO chains 

  • Competing markets for governance 

  • Why EOSIO is the blockchain software for entrepreneurs 

  • Fee-based models vs. resource delegation models for blockchains 

  • Blockchain-native business models 

  • Why for-profit dApps are a game changer 

  • Advice for entrepreneurs looking to build on EOS 

And much more!


Ashe Oro's Website

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Freedom Proxy Website

Freedom Proxy on Twitter