EOS DApps and Development with Jae Chung and Emily Lin of HK EOS

For this episode of the podcast, we spoke with Jae Chung and Emily Lin from HK EOS. HK EOS is a block producer based in Hong Kong and run by a distributed team. They have been active contributors to the EOS network since before launch, and they also run a dApp incubator and advise a number of projects. We brought them on to discuss the state of dApp development on EOS. We covered a number of topics in-depth: 

  • background on HK EOS

  • dApp development challenges and opportunities

  • why dApps should build on EOS

  • EOS vs. other blockchain software

  • Interesting use cases for blockchain dApps

  • HK EOS dApp incubator

  • What they are looking forward to in 2019

  • Ways that enterprises or even nations can utilize blockchain tech

  • Public blockchains vs. private blockchains vs. consortium blockchains

  • Best practices for building EOS dApps

  • UX hurdles for dApps

  • Sidechains and sister chains

  • Interblockchain communication

  • Bridging the East/West community divide


HK EOS Website

HK EOS Incubator

DApp Incubation Association

Bloks.io EOS Block Explorer