EOS Governance with Ryan Bethem of EOS42

In this episode, we spoke with Ryan Bethem, head of community at EOS42. Ryan is a former psychologist who is now one of the most knowledgeable EOS community members on the topic of governance. Ryan has spent a lot of time thinking, writing, and debating about EOS governance and ways to improve it. We had a wide-ranging discussion that covered a number of different topics, including:

  • Chintai

  • Governance challenges and opportunities

  • How BPs can better server token holders

  • Challenges of referendum

  • Ryan's proposal for cooperative voting infrastructure bounties

  • Ryan's thoughts on improving regproducer

  • Defining the role of a BP

  • Evolving roles of BPsThe benefits and challenges of DPOS at scale


EOS42 Website

Cooperative Voting Infrastructure Bounties 

Rewriting regproducer