DApps, Wallets, and Blockchain UX with Fred Krueger from EOS Lynx

Fred Krueger is a seasoned entrepreneur, most recently founding and running both EOS Lynx and WorkCoin. His past ventures include work in ad-tech, game development, and domain names. In more recent years he became deeply involved in the blockchain world, where he gravitated towards EOS for its superior user experience. We had a wide-ranging discussion that covered a number of different topics, including:

  • Fred's background  

  • The history of EOS Lynx

  • The importance of taking a user-centric approach to crypto wallets 

  • The UX issues with the EOS mainnet 

  • Staking and resource management 

  • Key management and user experience

  • His goals for Lynx Chain

Links :

Fred on Twitter

EOS Lynx Website

EOS Lynx Telegram

EOS Lynx Twitter

Lynx Chain Whitepaper