Hyperion History API with EOS Rio

We were joined by Igor Lins e Silva, Dominique Deschatre, and Thiago Canellas from EOS Rio to discuss their recent work on the Hyperion API. EOS Rio has managed to create a new open-source standard for EOS full history API nodes. Not only is their solution more efficient than the existing native history plugin, it’s also technically easier to setup and maintain, cheaper to run, and requires far less storage. What used to require 4TB now only requires ~650GB. It’s really amazing work from one of the most highly technical BP teams. We covered a number of additional topics, including:

  • Background on their company and BP campaign 

  • Their previous experience building on blockchains and reasons they preferred EOS

  • PoW vs. DPOS

  • Their perspective on network governance 

  • The importance of voter participation  

  • Rio's thoughts on how to improve EOS networking and infrastructure

  • The Hyperion API Solution and why they decided to build it

  • The differences between Hyperion and the original native API plugin

  • Making Hyperion a new open-source standard for the EOS community 

  • The importance of full history APIs

  • EOS 2019 predictions 

  • The EOS Torch

Links :

EOS Rio Website

Hyperion API

EOS Rio on Telegram

EOS Rio on Github

EOS Rio on Twitter

EOS Rio on Steemit