David Packham of EOS42 and Chintai

We were joined by David Packham, Head of Strategy at EOS42, a London-based block producer. David also leads Chintai, a token-leasing platform built on EOS. Our conversation touched on a number of topics around Chintai 2.0, infrastructure, security, community building, dApp development, and governance. David formerly worked as a banker and developer before falling down the crypto rabbit hole and eventually finding EOS. Other topics covered include: 

  • David's background

  • How EOS can deliver on the promises of Ethereum

  • Chintai 2.0 as a leasing platform for all sorts of tokens 

  • Chintai 2.0 timeline

  • Legal challenges around token sales

  • NFTs and the new possibilities they open up for gaming

  • New leasing models and blockchain-native markets 

  • EOS Governance

  • Block producer decision-making through 15/21 msig

  • The EOS Constitution and the EOS User Agreement 

  • EOS referendum

  • Predictions on the future direction of EOS

  • What's next for Chintai and EOS42 in 2019


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