ITAM Games with Damian Byeon

We were joined by Damian Byeon, Chief Communications Officer at ITAM Games, a blockchain mobile gaming platform. We discussed new gaming business models, ITAM's philosophy, its unique plans for user on-boarding, and more. Damian also talked about a few of ITAM's upcoming games. Other topics covered include: 

  • Damian's background. 

  • ITAM's blockchain mobile store called ITAM Store.

  • NFT standards and SDKs for traditional games to move to blockchain.

  • Why blockchain gaming can offer additional utility to both users and developers

  • BlueDawn as ITAM's flagship mobile RPG. 

  • How blockchain will change the business model of gaming companies.

  • ITAM's unique three-tier system of user on-boarding.

  • Account creation process for ITAM Games and permission and key management.

  • ITAM NFT and its collaboration with dGoods. 

  • Differences in perception in EOS between Korea and the West.

  • The largest mobile gaming market opportunities.

Links :

ITAM Games Website

ITAM Games Telegram

ITAM Games Twitter